Things I Keep In My Journal

1. What I Did In A Day
What exactly did I do in the day, it doesn’t matter if you work all day, try write down what happened to you and your colleagues and what kind of project you are doing right now. What did you have for lunch or dinner. How productive you are today? What’s the weather like today? Anyways, you get my points, just write down everything.

2. What Did I Do Wrong and Improve It
Now, you can think of what kind of thing that you do today that is not right or can do better. For example, I saw a woman today in the subway and she was not feeling well, but I was rushing back to my office, so I didn’t help her. Now, you can think of a way to improve it and promise yourself you wouldn’t make the same mistakes anymore.

3. Thing That I'm Grateful for
Gratitude is not just an action, gratitude is a positive emotion. If you are alive today, breathing, you should be thankful. Write down a list that you are grateful for today, it can make you acknowledge the goodness in your life.

4. Check My To-Do List
If you have a daily To-Do-List, check it and see if you finished your tasks for the day, if you finished it, give yourself a big compliment, because you are killing it. If you didn’t, think of what is not done and why you didn’t get it done and see how you can improve it.

5. Make A Plan For Tomorrow
Needless to say, make a To-Do list for tomorrow is a must-do for everyone, it makes you commit and consistent. If you are looking for a digital To-Do list, my suggestion is ‘’Keep notes’’ from Google, I use it every day, it’s really practical.

6. Your New Ideas
Write down your ideas, it doesn’t need to be big, maybe try to write down where you want to go in the weekend. For me, I usually desperate my journal and idea notebook. I would write down my business ideas and how others are doing it. Having an Idea notebook is important, it will make you more creative