Let's be productive this week

1. Set A Daily Goal & Finish It
Do you have a To-Do-list for daily use? If you do, Congratulations! You are better than 90% of the rest of people. If you don’t, go download ‘’Keep Notes’’, it’s created by Google, it’s very practical. Daily Goal doesn’t need to be a big one, just set up a simple and reachable plan and stick with it. You should write down 3-5 things you actually need to do on the day. And remember – Know your priorities.

2. Stay Away From The Distraction
If you want to be productive, you need to Turn Off / Silent your phone, because this is the biggest distraction in this generation. If you can, try to wake up at 5 am and do your thing, because there is no Car Noises / Messages / Baby Crying in 5am.

3. Find Your Most Concentrated Period
I believe everyone has different ‘’Concentrated Period’’, which mean the time that you are actually can focus. For me, my Concentrated Period is around 9-12pm. Due to my 9-5 job, I only have time to do LITTLE VOLA work at night, but I’m very concentrated on it. So, find your Concentrated Period and do what you gotta do.

4. Don't Multi-Tasking
I don’t know how many people proved that Multi-Tasking is a lie, SERIOUSLY. Try to do two things at one time is to do neither, for those who think Multi-Tasking is effective, think twice. It’s an effective way to get less done.

5. Start Working On Something You Are Passionate About
Find your Passion. It’s vitally important for a human being, don’t do what your parents told you to do, just do a thing that you actually enjoy doing it. For me, my passion is taking over my own life and be my own boss plus design plus helping others. So there I am, trying to do 3 things together.

6. Read Robin Sharma, Start With ‘’The Greatest Guide’’
If you never heard of Robin Sharma, seriously, put down your phone and go to the library more often. He’s the one who changed my point of view towards life, he taught me to feel the fear and run to them, be trustworthy, kind, humble and helpful. There are many another meaningful thing in The Greatest Guide, I'll write the other post to talk about it soon:)