6 Tips to live a happier life

1. Be Positive
If you want to pursue happiness, you need to change your mindset from negative to positive. One of the simple method to build a positive mindset, try to think of what’s the one thing that is good about this situation or is there any opportunity? Try to focus yourself into optimistic thinking when you are in a bad mood.

2. Do What You Love
I always think it’s hard to be happy if you hate school or your job. Don’t waste your time to do something you don’t like, LIFE IS SHORT, go pursue your dream or find your passion.

3. Accept Imperfection
Before you push yourself to be perfect, please remember, perfection is impossible and don’t live for society or your parent standards. Everyone is different, accepting life is imperfect and recognize that there are beauty and grace in that imperfection too.

4. Live In The Moment
Do you take pictures when you see a beautiful sunset? I did before, but now I realized the best way to enjoy the beautiful sunset is to put down your phone and live in the moment with yourself or your loved one. But let social media destroy your life.

5. Be Generous And Give Back To The Society
Be generous with your time and money, help others who are in need. Spend more time with those you love and care for. When you give back and being generous, you will have a feel-good effect that can lower your blood pressure and stress.

6. Build Actual, Sincere And Meaningful Relationships
Building a relationship is consuming time and money, so you should spend it more wisely. We should only build a relationship with people who will support, understand and be there for us during tough times. Without meaningful relationships, we are lonely and isolated. We’ll be happier when we pursue happiness with others.