3 Tips on Social Media Detox

1. YOUR MINDSET - You Don’t Need To Know Everything

We think we always need to know what’s going on and stay updated on the statuses of our friends, celebrities and family, so we don’t miss-out. Moreover, people tended to have the obsessive-compulsive behavior of constantly checking other’s profile and compare themselves with them. Does knowing the what is happening with other people give you peace, calm and fulfillment? Try to let go of the desire of knowing everything about everyone and it can be calmer and more peaceful for your mentality.

2. ACTION - Limit Your Social Media Time

What I mean by ‘’DETOX’’ doesn’t mean you should delete your account, but you can limit your time on it. Download ‘Stay Focused – App Block’ on App Store or Google Play, it allows you to restrict your time on social media. But before you limit yourself, make sure your goal is achievable.

3. ACTION - Turn Off Mobile Notifications
Again, Social Media is designed to be addictive, it has notifications to remind you to check the new feeds every hour. So, the simple way to ‘DETOX’ is to turn off notifications, especially Instagram and Facebook, I turned off for many years now, made me more focus on work and study, because I became less inclined to check my account so often.